P0115 LEXUS Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit

Possible causes
– Low engine coolant level
– Faulty Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor
– Faulty engine coolant thermostat
– Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor harness is open or shorted
– Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor circuit poor electrical connection
When is the obd code mean?
An excessively low or high voltage from the sensor is sent to Engine Control Module (ECM).
– Engine Light ON (or Service Engine Soon Warning Light)
P0115 LEXUS OBD Code Description

The Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor is used to detect the engine coolant temperature. The sensor modifies a voltage signal from the Engine Control Module (ECM). The modified signal returns to the ECM as the engine coolant temperature input. The sensor uses a thermistor which is sensitive to the change in temperature. The electrical resistance of the thermistor decreases as temperature increases.

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