Chrysler P0325 Sensor Circuit Malfunction


OBD-II Trouble Code Description for P0325 Chrysler

Knock Sensor 1 Circuit

What does this mean?

OBD2 Code P0325 Chrysler definition:
A knock sensor tells the engine computer when one or more of your engine’s cylinders are “knocking”, that is, exploding the air/fuel mixture in a way that delivers less power and can be damaging to the engine if prolonged. The computer uses this information to tune the engine so that it doesn’t knock. If your knock sensor wasn’t operating properly, so that it was always indicating a knock, the engine computer’s response may have been to change the ignition timing on your engine. Knock sensors generally bolt into or thread into the engine block. This P0325 Chrysler code may show up intermittently or the Service Engine light may be lit constantly. Other knock sensor related DTC codes include P0330 Chrysler.


Possible sumptoms of OBD code P0325 Chrysler
You may notice drivability problems including a lack of power and perhaps some hesitation. There may also be other symptoms.


Possible causes of OBD code P0325 Chrysler
A code P0325 Chrysler most likely means one or more of the following has happened: The knock sensor is faulty and needs to be replaced There is a wiring short/fault in the knock sensor circuit

Possible Solutions

Check the resistance of the knock sensor (compare it to factory specs) Check for broken/frayed wires leading to the sensor Replace the knock sensor

The OBD2 Code Information Be Applicable For Chrysler:

2013 Chrysler Town and Country S,2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition,2013 Chrysler 300 Glacier,2012 Chrysler Ypsilon,2012 Chrysler Delta,2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8,2012 Chrysler 300 Luxury Series,2012 Chrysler 300C,2011 Chrysler Town and Country,2011 Chrysler 300,2011 Chrysler 200 S,2011 Chrysler 200 Convertible,2011 Chrysler 200,2009 Chrysler GEM Peapod,2009 Chrysler 200C EV Concept,2008 Chrysler ecoVoyager Concept,2008 Chrysler Town and Country,2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible,2008 Chrysler EV Concept,2008 Chrysler 300C UK Version,2008 Chrysler 300C Touring UK Version,2008 Chrysler 300C Touring SRT UK Version,2008 Chrysler 300C SRT UK Version,2007 Chrysler Sebring UK Version,2007 Chrysler Sebring,2007 Chrysler Pacifica,2007 Chrysler PT Street Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway,2007 Chrysler Nassau Concept,2007 Chrysler Crossfire UK Version,2007 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster UK Version,2007 Chrysler Aspen,2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept,2006 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Touring,2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition,2005 Chrysler Town and Country,2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible,2005 Chrysler Firepower Concept,2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 Roadster,2005 Chrysler Crossfire SRT6,2005 Chrysler Crossfire Roadster,2005 Chrysler Akino Concept,2005 Chrysler 300C Touring,2005 Chrysler 300C SRT8,2005 Chrysler 300C,2005 Chrysler 300,2004 Chrysler Pacifica,2004 Chrysler ME FourTwelve Concept,2004 Chrysler Crossfire,2003 Chrysler Airflite Concept,2003 Chrysler 300M,2003 Chrysler 300C Touring Concept,2003 Chrysler 300C Concept,2002 Chrysler Pacifica Concept,2002 Chrysler California Cruiser Concept



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