Renault B0014 Left Side Deployment Loop


Possible causes
– Faulty Left Side Impact Module
– Faulty Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM)
– Air Bag Warning Light ON
B0014 Renault OBD Code Description

During a side or frontal crash of sufficient force the inflatable restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module (SDM) will allow current flow through the deployment loop in order to deploy the side impact module. A shorting bar is located in the electrical connector of the side impact module. The side impact module high control circuit and low control circuit are shorted together by the shorting bar when the electrical connector is disconnect. The shorting bar help prevent unwanted deployment of the inflator module during servicing.

The SDM performs continuous diagnostic test on the deployment loops to check for proper circuit continuity and for shorts to ground or voltage. If the results of any deployment loop circuit test is below specifications the code B0014 Renault and the appropriate symptom byte will set.

The OBD2 Code Information Be Applicable For Renault:

2013 Renault ZOE,2013 Renault Twin-Z Concept,2013 Renault Twin-Run Concept,2013 Renault Talisman,2013 Renault Symbol,2013 Renault Scenic XMOD,2013 Renault Fluence,2013 Renault Espace,2013 Renault Clio,2012 Renault Twingo,2011 Renault Megane,2011 Renault Latitude,2011 Renault Laguna Estate,2011 Renault Laguna,2011 Renault Frendzy Concept,2011 Renault Captur Concept,2010 Renault Scenic,2010 Renault Megane RS,2010 Renault Megane Estate,2010 Renault Grand Scenic,2010 Renault Fluence,2010 Renault DeZir Concept,2010 Renault Clio RS,2009 Renault Twingo RS,2009 Renault Symbol,2009 Renault Scenic,2009 Renault Safrane,2009 Renault Megane,2009 Renault Laguna GT,2009 Renault Laguna Coupe,2009 Renault Koleos,2009 Renault Kangoo,2009 Renault Clio Campus,2009 Renault Clio,2008 Renault ZE Concept,2008 Renault Twingo,2008 Renault Sandero,2008 Renault Laguna Estate,2008 Renault Laguna,2008 Renault Kangoo,2007 Renault Megane,2006 Renault Twingo,2006 Renault Thalia,2006 Renault Nepta Concept,2006 Renault Kangoo,2006 Renault Espace,2006 Renault Clio Sport,2006 Renault Clio RS Concept,2006 Renault Altica Concept,2005 Renault Z17 Concept,2005 Renault Vel Satis,2005 Renault Modus Initiale,2005 Renault Laguna,2005 Renault Clio III,2004 Renault Modus,2004 Renault Megane,2004 Renault Clio,2003 Renault Scenic II,2003 Renault Be Bop



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